About us

Over 25 years Dandie Dinmont Terrier in the kennel

                       “vom Parkwald”



 When we had seen at the beginning of the eighties for the first time a Dandie on a show, we immediately had been enthusiastically about this breed and we decided to buy a dog of this breed. But this was not simple for us at that time and so it took until the year 1988, before we succeeded.


We were happy with our first Dandie bitch Amoretta von Barkey’s (Harlekin von Beerenkamp x Florina’s Isabelle) and happiness to all this bitch also was faultless and we could start our Dandie breeding with her.


Our first litter with Amoretta was a healthy and faultless litter of 5 puppies. Out of this litter emerged 4 champions. That was a good start for us.


In the meantime we are living with Dandies many years and have bred many litters. Thus of course we have accumulated many experience with this breed.


Nevertheless there is always something news and interesting with our Dandies. Each litter is something special and we are enthusiastically anew. That is the fascination of breeding.


Our goal always has been to breed healthy Dandies with a fast character and very closely to the standard. The success of our consistent breeding you could see in the shows too. We had been active exhibitors at the beginning and we are it still today. Of course we were happy about the many successes of our Dandies in shows at home and abroad.


If we now look back, we can notice with joy that are live or lived Dandies of our kennel in 13 countries and that is breeding or has bred with Dandies out of our kennel in 21 kennels in Germany and abroad. We hope with it to have done a small contribution to quality improvement and popularization of our breed.


Especially we are pleased that on the occasion of our 20-year anniversary on the special show of terriers at 21 June 2008 in Flöha near Chemnitz have been shown 10 Dandies of our kennel and they have get excellent assessments (see picture). We always will be remembered.


We hope that allow us our age and our health still a few years to devote our lovable breed, i.e. we will continue our breeding and show our Dandies in exhibitions.